Who is this lovely French Bulldog?


…our Snooring, Farting Machine Named Günther!


We love our French Bulldog Günther. He’s a wonderful, lovely dog who’s in his later years, turning 12 as he will later this year and he travels everywhere with us from Croatia to Italy to Austria. He’s easy-going, chilled, obedient and if you play with him with his dog toys – he’ll absolutely love you for it!

Günther is far from being high maintenance, but he doesn’t like spending a single minute alone, punishing us with a wee or poo indoors if we even accidentally do so. His bark is quite a silly one, but it’s really cute and it doesn’t bother anyone, mainly because you sometimes can’t even hear it!

Friendly With All His Canine Pals

Despite not being castrated, our little Frenchie is very friendly with other dogs and we loves eating the same Real Nature canned dog food at every meal time. However, it’s what he eats outside of mealtimes that makes him fart like a beast! We’re not kidding when we say that if you happened to be playing with Günther with his dog toys when he let one go, it would make your eyes bleed!

Giving him table food does make him even stinkier, so we try not to, but his face is so cute, so it’s hard to resist! However, when you remember his lactose and gluten intolerances, you realize that by giving in, you’ll make those farts even worse! Although, that doesn’t stop him drooling every time he spots a piece of cheese!

Günther's favorite toys

Bud & Berta Bulldogs Dog Toys

Elvis and Christine Dog Toys

He’s a Snoring Monster!

Another one of Günther’s most endearing qualities are those loud night-time sleeping noises he makes. He’s never been a heavy breather as such – apart from when he’s gnawing on those dog toys – but he loves nothing more than an afternoon snooze and when he does, the walls can literally shake!

He’s a little fella – always has been – but when he starts snoring, you’d be convinced that a 200kg man was sleeping in the same room as you! In short, he’s really, really loud! That said, he’s our little boy and we love every furry inch of him!

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