How to prevent a dog gets overheated?

Young golden retriever running on the beach

If in hot weather you feel like you’re going to die from the heat, imagine how your dog will feel!

Heat stroke in dogs is a common summertime ailment. See how to detect it, prevent it and help your furry friend.

Keep your dog hydrated.

Leave clean, fresh water available, make sure the water is kept cool and in a shady place.

Put a couple of ice cubes in his water bowl and take a portable water bowl with you when you leave the house with your dog.

Prepare homemade ice cream.

Dogs can also have their own version of healthy ice cream.

Use chicken or beef broth (without salt or seasoning) and pour it into a container or mold, you can put in the middle a piece of chicken, meat, sausage or a snack, then put it in the freezer.

It may not sound good to you but for your dog it will be delicious and refreshing.

Wet him.

Wetting his head and trunk helps lower his temperature. Dogs do not sweat like us, so the water they get wet with, when it evaporates, causes an effect similar to sweating.

Take your dog to the beach or river, set up a small pool in your backyard or garden or just hose him down. It will be a fun experience for both of you, and you will fight overheating at the same time.

Cut his hair.

If your dog is a long-haired breed, trim some of the fur in the belly area; this will help him control his temperature. But be careful, do not shave it completely, leave about 2-3 centimeters of length as the hair partly protects from heat and sunburn.

Don’t exercise your dog too much.

Exercising too much in hot weather is counterproductive, it decreases physical activity, unless it is a refreshing game.

Change his bed location.

In summer most dogs prefer to sleep on the floor, this is because the floor is cooler than their bed.

Change his bed to a cooler room or to the place where he prefers to sleep more comfortably, also consider changing his bed for a breathable material, a raised bed or cooling mats to help him control the temperature.

Check the pavement.

Before going outside with your dog, you should check the pavement so that you don’t burn your dog’s pads. It’s easy, just leave your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds, if you can’t stand it… Neither can your dog!

The symptoms of heat stroke in dogs.

  • Excessive breathing, your dog will pant and breathe rapidly and with difficulty.
  • Poor mobility, he may be unable to move or get up.
  • Tremors and spasms.
  • Bluish tint to his gums, due to lack of oxygen.
  • Aggressiveness or apathy.
  • Shock and fainting – These are the most serious symptoms and it will be necessary to take him to the veterinarian urgently.

Some breeds are more at risk.

Overheating can occur in all breeds of dogs and at all ages, but veterinarians say the risk is higher for dogs that are overweight or not in good physical condition, dogs, brachycephalic dogs, older dogs, etc.

Now that you know how to prevent your dog gets overheated, get ready for a healthy, fun and happy summer with your four-legged friend.

 „So… Where‘s the summer pawty at, fur real?!“

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