All you need is… Dogs! DEIN DOGs.

Let us introduce our joyful family business team and new dog online shop & blog – DEIN DOG. A waggy-tailed welcome!  We want to provide You and Your furry family member with a great assortment of safe, stylish, innovative, high quality products and interesting blogs with Tipps & Tricks for just a happy dog life.

At DEIN DOG we don’t offer anything that we wouldn’t – or haven’t – used with our own dog Günther – he is our inspiration, greatest expert and product tester. We measure our success by dog’s and dog parent’s happiness rather then by the number of delivered dog products.

Günther, our lovely French Bulldog is born on 10th August 2009 meaning he turned 12 years exactly with our online shop launch on 10th August 2021. For this breed that´s an important age but this just makes him a really special and experienced boy. He travels often with with us, his proud Mama and Daddy, around Europe and lives a life in full – from lazy snores and loud farts to playful runs and happy barks.

Mika, his Mama is the founder and developer of DEIN DOG. She volunteered in a dog shelter and with homeless dogs on the streets, has done various dog trainings and educations and has had her own dogs over lifetime. Mika is very passionate about DEIN DOG and has dreamed such dog´s blog & shop since her childhood.

Patrick, his Dad, has Günther from day 1. They have a special bond since he fought for his life as he was a puppy infected with Canine parvovirus. Patrick is the moral and business support of DEIN DOG as he owns over ten years another successful business.

We love dogs, and we believe they make us better people. At DEIN DOG we feel like your four legged pal – playful, friendly and one-of-a-kind. We know that talking about your fur baby makes you happy so we’re all ears and here for you every step of the way. PAW PROMISE!

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