Polster Bagel Bed

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Abell Hundebett Dein Dog
Polster Bagel Bed

 cozy but natural cotton linen surface to promote the snuggliest snoozefest
 360-degree bolster features a soft low loft filling helps keep your pal´s spine straight by providing a paw-fect headrest from any angle
 rounded shape is pawfect for pets that like to curl up in a ball and feel secure but hugged while they slumber
 a specious yet nest-like choice for canine companions who like to stretch while they snooze, sleep, nap or lounge
 extra pillow helps support the neck of senior pooches but also a great `companion` for the lonely times
 features a non-skid bottom material that helps the bed from sliding
 choose form nude pink to gentle gray to find the perfect addition to your home décor
 lightweight for easy transportation
 hand and machine washable for paw-sitively easy clean up